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Adel Easterday '72
Posts: 3

I wonder what became of Bill Vincent.  He was so much fun and he taught at the Jr. High.  Do you remember how some days he would just bring his guitar in and start singing funny songs?

"It went bip when it moved, bop when it stopped and whirr when it stood still. We never knew just what it was and I guess we never will".

There was one about a cat also.  "The cat came back the very next day. The cat came back. We thought he was a gonner but the cat came back. He just couldn't stay away".

I just loved him.  Anyone know anything about Mr. V? Shoot me a message.

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Adel Easterday '72
Posts: 3

Bill Vincent passed away yesterday.  He was my favorite teacher.

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Greg McLogan
Posts: 2

Thanks for sharing that memory Adel; He was one of my favorite teachers as well. Sad to share he just passed on this past Sunday. http://www.hampton-kurtzfuneralhomes.com/mobile/obituaries-details.cfm?o_id=2797972&fh_id=13820&forcelayout=mobile#obituaries

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Bob Hinkle
Posts: 3

Bill changed peoples' lives -- quietly, softly, without fanfare... just a great example of who we'd all like to become... "The windows of the world, are covered with rain....."  (Isaac Hayes)   You live within everyone who ever met you, Bill.....

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